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Writing the first lines of my first blog post ever! Literally feels like saying hello to the world… hi there, and thanks for visiting!

I’ll keep it brief and simple - introduce myself, the idea of this blog, and what you may find around here in future posts.

As the developer and maintainer of this blog, I will tend to write about technical topics. Likely related to JavaScript and software engineering stuff, but I might get into random subjects like IoT, 3d graphics, security, robotics, and others… the frequency? Spontaneously, when I have something good to share.

A short story about my personal start in coding - Starting mid 2021 without having a clue that AI was just knocking around the corner, I devoted myself and put maximum effort into learning and mastering programming fundamentals, re-orienting my career to become a professional developer at the age of 35. In the last 3 months of a year-long web development bootcamp, AI came out in a particularly significant moment to me, as it helped me expand on my recently acquired knowledge. A high-quality study system, consistency, and AI at the end of it to top it up, was an incredibly exciting way to start coding. I can’t wait to keep expanding my capabilities, learning more and growing as a developer.

I would like to express my gratitude to all the developer community, a truly unique and remarkable network of incredible individuals that have done so much and have impacted all our lives in many significant ways.

I’d also like to mention that there are buttons around linking to my professional portfolio and social media accounts, in case you’d like to reach out and get to know me better.

That’s it for now! Thanks for reading! I consume lot’s of content, probably some of yours too, and I’m happy to finally start sharing some of my own.

Cheers and let’s rock 2024!