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Apple’s Latest Policy Changes in the EU

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Hello dear ones! I wanted to share an important update concerning the landscape of PWAs in Europe, especially in light of Apple's recent decisions and the fact that my previous posts were expressing the potential opened by the Digital Markets Act on a promising opportunity for PWAs. However, Apple's latest announcement brings a shift to this idea.

The Impact of Apple's Decision on PWAs

Recent announcements have brought to light Apple's concerns aligning with these new regulations, particularly around supporting alternative browser engines, saying it would compromise their security and privacy standards. As a result, PWAs on iOS devices in the EU will now be limited to function as a bookmark on the Home Screen, without the advanced features such as dedicated windowing, notifications, or long-term local storage, making them much less functional.

For developers, this is a significant shift. The envisioned full functionality of PWAs is now off the table in this context. This decision changes the landscape for how PWAs can be utilised and developed within the EU. For now, at least. Things change so fast and so often, who knows. :-)

Moving Forward

The journey of technology is ever-evolving, and adaptability is key. As we navigate these changes, this blog will serve as a platform for learning, discussion, and growth.